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  Little Scholars Playground is a children’s book publisher and early years hub. We create engaging, diverse children’s books and learning resources.

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STEM children's christmas gift bundle

Christmas gift bundles

Take the stress out of Christmas shopping for the kids, with our Christmas gift bundles. Our bundles include; STEM, solar system, early learning, Zara and Emmanuel and our full children’s Christmas gift bundles.

solar system puzzle

Wooden solar system puzzle and FREE fact sheet

Emmanuel and Sienna zoom into space in our solar system wooden puzzle. This puzzle is beautifully designed by us and handmade in the UK, using eco-friendly FSC wood. It also includes a FREE fact sheet.

Board books for babies

Shop our board books

Our board books are high quality and make great reads for little children. Join our little scholars Zara on her Caribbean island adventure and Emmanuel on his African Adventure. Both are rhyming lift-the-flap board books. 

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Children's book

Children's books

Vividly illustrated and diverse high quality children’s books.

ABC Blocks

Early years hub

Learning resources and activities to stimulate your child’s brain.

Stem for black kids


Our mission – is to provide a platform which encourages the pursuit of STEM for children.

Montessori toy


Our mission – is to encourage parents to embrace Montessori in their home.

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With tips, learning resources, activities and much more — The Little Scholars Playground Team is here to help parents and carers succeed

  Meet our little scholars 

Little Scholars Playground Scholars

Meet Zara

I would like to be a scientist when I get older. I love science and doing experiments. I like to read, make things and play outdoors. My favourite scientist is Wangari Maathai, a biologist, environmental activist, and the first woman in Africa to earn a PhD. You can find me in Zara’s Caribbean Adventure.

Meet Sienna

I would like to be an engineer when I get older. I like to travel and I love aeroplanes and airports. My favourite engineer is Ellen Ochoa, former astronaut and the first Hispanic woman to go to space.

Meet Emmanuel

I would like to be an astronaut when I get older. I love the solar system. My favourite planet is Saturn because I love it’s beautiful rings. My favourite astronaut is Guion S. Bluford, the 1st Black man to travel to space. I like to read, travel and I love animals. You can find me in Emmanuel’s African Adventure.


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