The benefits of regular reading to children from birth

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Babies and young children are sponges that soak up everything around them. So naturally when books are read to them, they take in all the language and words they hear. Reading to children boosts their brain development in a big way, but not only that it acts as bonding time for you and your child. Therefore we recommend some story time EVERY day.

So what are the benefits of reading to your child?

Brain and language development

Even the youngest children benefit from hearing their parents read to them. Studies have shown that babies who are regularly read to, get higher scores in language skills, promotes higher IQs and improves brain development, such as problem-solving skills.

Provides bonding time

Reading provides a great opportunity for you to bond with your child. It also acts as a little wind down time during a busy and hectic day.

Improves your child’s listening skills

listening is a skill children MUST gain before they can read themselves. So naturally hearing a story read out loud to them involves them having to comprehend and listen.

Helps your child have a larger vocabulary

Experts say reading books to children helps expand the number and variety of words they use. If you think about it, books you read often have words you may not otherwise use in your everyday speech. While reading you may not realise but you will often use more specific names for things such as animals and places etc as well as use more adjectives (descriptive words).

Improved attention span

Reading to children helps them develop key concentration skills as they have to sit still and listen in order to comprehend what is being read to them. This will also help improve their attention span.

Helps them learn life lessons

Books help to provide an opportunity to talk about real-life situations in an age-appropriate way. They can also reflect what happens in real-world situations, reading books on specific subjects may help children deal with something new that may feel scary, such as Coronavirus, racism, moving home and going to the Doctors etc

Sparks creativity in your child

Children have vivid imagination, so books help to feed their creativity by opening up a new and often magical world to them. Creativity is important for developing your child’s interests, ideas, as well as helping with their emotional health.

It’s beneficial to read to your child from birth. Talk to your baby as you look at the picture books you’re reading, describing what you can see. For example, point to a picture and ask “What’s this?” or declare “That’s a Monkey!” to get your child engaging with the book. Keep repeating what you can see, as repetition helps things and words to stick in your child’s mind. We have two books suitable for children, shop books here (or click on the image below).

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Starting regular reading from birth will help your child become the little scholar they can be, happy reading!


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About the author

Natalie is the co-founder and illustrator at Little Scholars Playground. She is passionate about literacy, learning, illustrating, black women in STEM and Montessori.

The benefits of educational posters

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What do you remember about nursery and primary school? The colour, posters and artwork on the wall, right? This is because young children are visual learners. All the displays and posters on the wall are not just to make the classroom look pretty, but to aid in a child’s learning. Children’s brains absorb visual information MUCH faster than text. Therefore educational posters shouldn’t just be confined to the classroom, but should also be displayed in the home. Educational posters displayed in the home will help to support your child’s development and help them become the little scholar they can be.

Nelson Mandela stated that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. And he was totally right. A good education can be life-changing and create astonishing results. Knowledge is essentially power!

Nelson Mandela

Below are some of the key reasons why educational posters are beneficial for children:

  • 65% of people worldwide find visual learning more effective, therefore a poster is one of the best ways to do that
  • Posters help to focus and motivate children to learn
  • It’s an effective way to catch and hold the attention of young children, as well as helps to maintain their interest in a particular area
  • They are convenient both for children and parents/teachers, as they help them to absorb the information MUCH faster
  • By having posters in your home/classroom, you provide constant learning for children as it’s always there.

High quality bundle of 6 educational posters for children. The bundle includes; animal alphabet, emotions, A-Z of affirmations, vehicles, weather and solar system. Our posters can be purchased here.

Educational posters

Shop our bundle of 6 educational posters here

So why are our posters great for young children?

  • They provide simplicity, so they’re easily understood by children at a glance
  • They have minimum words, which are effectively presented with eye-catching colour and illustration
  • Each poster is appropriate for the topic at hand and the images correspond well to the subject matter
  • They’re designed very well, they’re not only attractive with bold colours and lovely illustrations, but they’re of the perfect size for content to be easily absorbed by young children.

Here at Little Scholars Playground, we’re firm believers in the benefit of having posters around the home and in the classroom. So whether you’re a teacher, home educator or simply a parent keen on extending your child’s education at home, then we hope that this blog encourages you to incorporate more visual stimulation into your home and classrooms. Our posters can be purchased here.


Little Scholars Playground

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About the Author

Natalie is the co-founder and illustrator at Little Scholars Playground. She is passionate about literacy, learning, illustrating, black women in STEM and Montessori.

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