Our planet is such a beautiful, amazing place, but it needs our help to thrive! That’s why every year on 22nd April we celebrate World Earth Day, a day to demonstrate our support for environmental protection. Celebrating World Earth Day with children is a great opportunity to teach them about the importance of environmental conservation and how they can contribute to protecting our planet. Here are some fun and educational activities you can do with kids this World Earth Day:

Plant Trees or Flowers

Plant a tree or do some gardening with kids. Teach them about the importance of trees and plants in absorbing carbon dioxide and providing oxygen.

Go on a nature walk

Go for a nice walk in nature, you could go to your local park or nature reserve. Encourage children to observe and appreciate the beauty of nature while discussing ways that we can protect it.

Recycling Craft Projects

Time to get creative with recycled materials! Help kids make art or crafts using recycled items like paper rolls, egg cartons or plastic bottles. This activity will reinforce the importance of recycling and reducing our waste.

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Earth-themed Games

Play games that teach kids about environmental conservation. For example, a scavenger hunt for items like leaves, rocks, and flowers can help them learn about biodiversity and ecosystems.

Educational Videos or Documentaries

Watch age-appropriate documentaries or videos about environmental issues with kids. Once you finish you can discuss what they learned and brainstorm ways to make a positive impact.

Earth Day Pledge

Have kids make a pledge to do something good for the environment, such as reducing water usage, picking up litter, or turning off lights when not in use. Get them to write down their pledges and display them as a reminder.

Story Time

Read books about our world and nature, wildlife, and environment. This can spark meaningful conversations about the importance of protecting the Earth and its inhabitants. Our books Zara’s Caribbean Adventure and Emmanuel’s African Adventure are great books for getting younger children ready to learn about the world around them. Click here to shop our books.

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Outdoor Clean-up

Check if there are any local neighbourhood clean-up activities happening around World Earth Day. Kids will get the opportunity to pick up litter in parks, beaches, or streets. Make it fun by turning it into a friendly competition or offering rewards for the most trash collected.

Cook Earth-friendly Meals

Prepare meals together using locally sourced, organic ingredients. Talk to kids about the benefits of eating sustainably and how it helps reduce their carbon footprint.

Remember to make the activities engaging and age-appropriate. Encourage children to ask questions and share their ideas throughout the celebration, by involving them in hands-on experiences and meaningful discussions, you can instil a lifelong appreciation for the Earth and a sense of responsibility to protect it. Happy World Earth Day.

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Natalie is the co-founder and illustrator at Little Scholars Playground. She is passionate about literacy, learning, illustrating, women in STEM and the Montessori practice.

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