With summer holiday planning in full swing for many, parents often worry about their children’s behaviour on the flight to sunnier climates and how to keep them entertained. Keeping children entertained on a flight can be very challenging. We recently went to Orlando, Florida a long flight from the UK. So we thought we’d share the things we did to plan, prepare and entertain our daughter on the long flight.

Pack a bag full of entertaining essentials

    Include things such as; colouring books, crayons, activity books, small toys and your child’s favourite stuffed animals. Surprise them, pack a few small surprise toys or activities that you can pull out during the flight to keep things exciting.

    Pack PLENTY of snacks

    Let’s face it, aeroplane food isn’t the most tasty food. So pack plenty of snacks, just in case your child doesn’t like the food provided by your airline. Also, you know once a child gets bored, they want snacks, so be prepared! Pack a variety of snacks that your child enjoys. Snack time can be a good way to break up the trip and keep them occupied.

    Download some movies or your child’s favourite show/ cartoon

    Load up your tablet or iPad with their favourite movies, TV shows, or educational videos. Don’t forget to pack their headphones so they can watch without disturbing fellow passengers.

    Pack some books

    Pack some of your child’s favourite books. Interactive books with flaps or textures can be particularly engaging. Our lift-the-flap board books are fun, interactive and they would be great at keeping younger children entertained on the flight, as well as create some excitement about their travels. See our two books Zara’s Caribbean Adventure and Emmanuel’s African Adventure, both lift-the-flap board books. We also offer FREE shipping on all books only. Enter code FREEDEV at the checkout.

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    Pack some games

    Pack some small games like travel-sized board games, card games, or handheld electronic games. It’s a good idea to download some interactive children’s apps, or you can even play simple games like “I Spy”.

    Walk around

    Don’t forget to take short walks up and down the aisle to stretch their legs and burn off some energy.

    Comfort items

      Don’t forget to bring any comfort items that your child relies on to sooth them, such as their favourite blanket or stuffed animal.

      Try to be be patient and flexible during the flight, as traveling with children can most definitely be unpredictable. You’ve got this!

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      Natalie is the co-founder and illustrator at Little Scholars Playground. She is passionate about literacy, learning, illustrating, women in STEM and the Montessori practice.

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