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Rain Rain go away, Come again another day! The heatwave seems to be over here in the UK and we’re forecasted to have some heavy rain. Heavy rain poses some challenges for parents. Kids have a shorter attention span than us adults, which means cabin fever can set in quickly. Minimise the number of times you hear ‘I’m booored!’ with our top 20 rainy day activities to do with kids that are on their summer holidays.

1) indoor play/ soft play. This is always fun for kids, there are many indoor soft play in the UK.

2) Fashion show. Kids love to dress up in their parents clothes and shoes. So why not let the kids choose some clothes from your wardrobe, so they can create a fun fashion show!

3) Our STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) activity cards are great for entertaining the kids and can help to reduce screen time. Our unique pack of 32 cards are simple and fun and can be created with everyday items from around the home or the supermarket. The pack of cards can be bought here.

STEM activity cards
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32 STEM Activity cards

4) Cook or bake together. Kids enjoy cooking and baking (especially licking the bowl at the end!).

5) Visit your local library. Let the kids choose a book they want and then get cosy in the reading corner. If the weather is too bad to get out. Then create a cosy area at home and read their favourite books. We have a great selection of books. You can shop our books here.

Black inventors children's book
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STEM Leaders: Black inventors and innovators who changed the world

6) Visit a museum. There are many free fun museums in the UK. Going to the museum is a fun adventure for kids.

7) Play board games. Board games are a fun way to get the family together and helps to reduce screen time.

8) Our STEM inventors journal. Our STEM inventors journal will show kids how new inventions are created. It includes prompts to get your budding inventor started on their inventor journey. This journal will be sure to keep kids occupied on those rainy days. It can be bought here.

STEM inventors journal
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My STEM inventors journal: A little book of ideas

9) Build a blanket and cushion fort.

10) Watch a movie. Dim the lights and pop some popcorn and create a cinema at home.

11) Indoor picnic. Too rainy to have a picnic outside? Why not bring it indoors. Eating on a blanket is always fun for kids.

12) Create a puppet show. Grab some socks and paper and create a puppet show.

13) Open ended play. Get your children’s imagination going with some open ended play, with things like wooden blocks or a sensory activity.

14) Get the puzzles out. Puzzles are a good alternative to screen time for kids, they’re both fun and educational. We have a great wooden solar system puzzle, which can be bought here.

solar system puzzle
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Wooden solar system puzzle

15) Play some musical instruments. You can even create a mini concert.

16) Do some yoga. The cabin fever has kicked in, so now the kids are bouncing off the walls, eek! There are lots of yoga videos for kids on YouTube, which can help to calm them down.

17) Create an indoor scavenger hunt. Get the kids to hunt for the objects all over the house.

18) Arts and crafts is always fun. Create a crafting station at home. It can occupy kids for a long time and it is both entertaining and educational for them.

19) Create an indoor obstacle course using unbreakable objects.

20) Splash in some puddles. As Peppa pig says “I’m jumping up and down in muddy puddles.” Once the rain has stopped, get your wellies on and go outside and splash about in some puddles!

We hope you found this blog useful. If you did, please share it with your friends and family who may find it useful too.


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Natalie is the co-founder and illustrator at Little Scholars Playground. She is passionate about literacy, learning, illustrating, black women in STEM and Montessori.

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