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Children are very aware of what’s going on around them. They’re so much like sponges, absorbing and taking in everything. With the stress and talk of the cost of living crisis, it’s important to ensure that we’re meeting our children’s wellbeing needs. So we wanted to share some daily mindful activities we do with our own daughter.

4 daily mindful activities

1) Affirmations poster
Positive affirmations helps children to gain confidence, contributes to a growth mindset, and helps children to truly believe in themselves. Children need to hear what makes them special and strong over and over again. You can purchase our alphabet affirmations poster as part of our bundle of 6 posters here.

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2) Yoga
Yoga improves children’s emotional regulation, it also helps to boost their self-estem, concentration, memory, strength and flexibility. There are classes for kids as well as good yoga for kids videos on Youtube.

3) Watering plants
Looking after plants can help to reduce stress in children, it promotes a relaxed and natural state.

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4) Magnifying nature walk
We often use our STEM activity cards magnifying nature walk card. Playing outdoors allows children to develop self-confidence, independence and self-esteem and promotes positive well being. Our STEM activity cards can be purchased here.

What are some your favourite mindful activities? Let’s start a conversation in the comments below.




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Natalie is the co-founder and illustrator at Little Scholars Playground. She is passionate about literacy, learning, illustrating, black women in STEM and Montessori.

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