It’s that time of the year again – the magical and marvellous World Book Day! A day that’s lots of fun for young bookworms as they get ready to embark on a journey through the enchanting world of stories, where every page is a portal to an exciting adventure.

Below are some ideas to celebrate World Book Day 2024

What will your little bookworm dress up as this year

From super heroes, heroines, wizards to magical creatures! World Book Day is the perfect time for children to transform into their favourite characters. Whether they’re donning a cape like Superman, waving a wand like Harry Potter, or fluttering around like a magical fairy, let their imagination run wild. This is the chance for them to become the star of their own story!

A yummy bookish picnic

What’s a celebration without some delicious treats? Pack a magical picnic basket filled with snacks that match your little one’s favourite book. How about some honey cakes inspired by Winnie the Pooh or a potion punch straight from the world of wizardry? Let their taste buds join in on the fun as they indulge in book-themed delights.


Gather ’round, young readers! It’s time for some storytelling. Grab a cosy blanket, it’s time to snuggle up with their favourite plush friends. Whether it’s a classic book, a modern adventure, or a bedtime story that takes your little one to dreamland, let the words take your little loved one on a magical adventure.

Why not create a book

Making up a story together with your child is a great activity that helps to get them using their imagination. Grab some paper, pen and crayons, and let their creativity flow. Draw characters, imagine fantastical worlds, and write down your very own story.

Here at Little Scholars Playground, we have a range of books to help spark your little loved one’s imagination. Shop our books here.

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Natalie is the co-founder and illustrator at Little Scholars Playground. She is passionate about literacy, learning, illustrating, women in STEM and the Montessori practice.

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